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stewardess chopped

Strip clubs to open in airports
Narrow- and wide-body dancers featured

The country’s first strip club to be located in an airport will open next month at Will Rogers World AirportRead more

Machu Picchu to be relocated to Nevada
Machu Picchu World to open in a decade

Stones will be removed and reassembled in Nevada on an exact replica of the mountainRead more


Pistols replace oxygen masks on airlines

Vigilante Airway will fly "locked and loaded"

Vigilante Airways will replace the oxygen masks in all its airplanes with easy to use, aim-and-fire pistols. Read more...


Passenger sues TSA over sex change
Agency blames malfunctioning X-ray scanner

A lightning strike caused a surge in power just as a passenger entered an X-ray scanner "instantly changing him from a man into a woman." Read more

Las Vegas to become a vast lake

The Strip seen as a bass-fishing destination

It is only a matter of time until the valley that is known for the famous Las Vegas Strip will become an immense lake. Read more

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